Chinese New Year Festival with the Cleveland Chinese Music Ensemble

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Cleveland Chinese Music Ensemble
presents SPRING IN THE EAST ~ A concert for the Chinese New Year
2:00 p.m., Saturday, January 18, 2014

Celebrate the Chinese New Year (the Year of the Horse) in style with the Cleveland Chinese Music Ensemble, Northeast Ohio's traditional Chinese orchestra.

The ensemble will present a program of graceful and festive music -- including several pieces about horses -- played on an assortment of traditional Chinese musical instruments including bamboo flutes, mouth organs, fiddles, lutes, and percussion. Audience members will be invited for a hands-on opportunity to try the drums, gongs, and cymbals and join the ensemble for a few numbers. Interspersed between the pieces will be readings of several colorful stories and poems about horses from Chinese history.

For an additional treat, the concert will conclude with a spirited East-West collaboration with local Burton folk musicians Rob Rhamy (fiddle) and Gordon Keller (guitar). A reception featuring tasty Chinese snacks will follow. Wear something red (a color representing good luck in Chinese culture) and bring the whole family to this memorable event -- children will receive a special surprise!

Tentative program:

● Radiant With Joy (Xi Yang Yang, 喜洋洋)
● Purple Bamboo Melody (Zi Zhu Diao, 紫竹调)
● Lady Meng Jiang (Meng Jiang Nü, 孟姜女)
● Little Rainbow Dress (Xiao Ni Chang, 小霓裳)
● Testing Horses in the Suburbs in the Spring (Chun Jiao Shi Ma, 春郊试马)
● Horse Racing (Sai Ma, 赛马)
● Horse-Herding Mountain Song (Fang Ma Shan Ge, 访马山歌)
● Picking Flowers (Cai Hua, 采花)
● Rising Higher Step By Step (Bu Bu Gao, 步步高)
● Old Six Beats (Lao Liu Ban, 老六板)
● Festival Percussion (Huanqing Luogu, 欢庆锣鼓)
● Elk River Blues
● Cluck Old Hen
● Chinese Breakdown
● Midnight on the Water